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Learning Support

Additional Learning Support

Please read the following information about learning support for vocational courses at the College and how to contact us about your needs.

How we support young people with SEND
  • Individualised support plans for learners with Educational Health & Care Plans
  • Learning Support Assistants
  • Skills Development Centre
  • Assistive technology
  • Links with external Specialist Teachers
  • Assessments for access arrangements
  • Supporting your progression
  • Personal care, lift passes, assistive or adapted equipment and quiet area
  • Signposting to other college services - pastoral and financial
Young people with High Needs and/or Educational Health & Care Plans
  • Educational Health & Care Plans have replaced the old education statement. For more information take a look at the Essex Local Offer website: www.essexlocaloffer.org.uk
  • The Learning Support Team meet with learners with EHCPs and their parents or carers to discuss needs in detail. We will then create an Individual Support Plan (ISP): this summarises the young person’s needs and sets out the support they will receive.
  • ISPs are shared with tutors. We will ensure everyone involved in working with a young person has information and guidance to support them to achieve their outcomes.
  • Six-weekly reviews of support plans ensures support is flexible and responds to changing needs of the student.
  • Students, their parents/carers and relevant agencies are invited to Annual Reviews
Access Arrangements
  • Previous access arrangements do not automatically continue from school
  • Evidence of student’s normal way of working in the classroom is required by exam boards – for example, if you require a reader, the teacher will have to confirm that you are frequently read to in class.
  • Evidence of diagnosis or medical condition is required
  • Once evidence has been received we will offer you an appointment to be assessed.
  • If you would like to be assessed please email accessarrangements@Chelmsford.ac.uk with your name, student number and/or course (if known) and details of previously granted arrangements and name of previous/current school.
Contact us as early as possible if you are thinking of studying with us and have SEND…