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Former Chelmsford College Student and Goldlay Intern, Emily Cadey Shares Her Story So Far...

Emily Cadey is 23 years old. Emily has a learning disability because when she was born she was tiny and her immune system didn’t work so well. Her Mum says she’s a medical mystery!

Emily Cadey

After leaving Chelmsford College, Emily became a Goldlay intern at Essex County Council. This was her first experience of life in an office. She loved her internship because working in County Hall was completely new to her, she couldn’t wait to get there and had lots to look forward to each day.

Before starting her new job Emily’s Mum helped her shop for smart new office clothes so she could look and feel the part in her work placements. Interns on the Goldlay Supported Internship are able to work in different departments at the County Council so they can experience different job roles. Emily’s favourite work placement was with her mentor Rod in Housing Growth and Strategy. Rod was patient and kind when Emily was nervous and he also spent lots of time helping Emily when she got stuck on a work task. When Emily left, Rod arranged a whip round and the Team surprised Emily with a Primark voucher to spend.

When Emily’s internship was coming to an end her job coach put her forward for a work placement in the High Needs Funding Team in the Children and Families department. Her new team trained Emily how to use Capita, a database which is often used in education.

"Capita was tricky," Emily said, "...because it does so many different things, but I stuck with it, even when I found it harder than anything I’d ever done before. I am now a very good Data Processor."

When Emily’s work placement turned into a permanent job, Emily described it as "the best day ever." Emily wants others to know that having a learning disability doesn’t mean a person can’t work. In fact people with learning disabilities often try harder and are more loyal and committed to the company which has employed them.

"I’m proud of my job title and of working for Essex County Council," Emily says, "...my favourite days of the week are when I’m at work."

Dan Spacagna, Head of Department of Extended Learning at Chelmsford College says "We commend Emily on everything she’s achieved so far. It’s wonderful to see the confidence Emily has developed on the Goldlay Supported Internship and we’re sure her success has inspired other students and shown them what’s possible."

Emily concludes by saying "Being part of a team and knowing I do a good job for my manager is the most rewarding part of my work. I also like it when I get paid because it feels so good to know I have worked for my own money."

You can find out more about the Essex County Council Goldlay Supported Internship by contacting Stephanie Himlin, Goldlay Team Leader at Essex County Council on 03330 322 477 or by email: stephanie.himlin@essex.gov.uk