Online Application

to a Full-time course

The online application process consists of 5 stages.

Please make sure you have all the necessary information to hand before starting.

PLEASE NOTE You may wish to download the Full Time Application Form using the link below in order to prepare the information you will be asked to submit.

We recommend preparing the larger information digitally in a seperate file, so that you are able to cut & paste information as required. In particular, you are advised to prepare details of your...

  • Examinations already taken (including: subject, level, year & result/grade)
  • Examinations to be taken this year (including: subject, level & projected result/grade)
  • Previous Schools/Colleges attended.
  • Career intentions. What do you hope to do in terms of employment and/or further study after you have completed the course?

The online application process has to be completed in one go and without undue delay.

When we've successfully received your application you'll see an acknowledgement message on the page itself and you'll also receive an email to confirm everything.

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Alternatively, application forms are available to download HERE


For stage 3 (part 8), please look through the Prospectus or Full-Time Courses section first and list the course(s) you would like to follow.

A 1st choice must be selected, however it is not compulsory to choose a second choice.

On Completion

An acknowledgement letter will be sent within two working days on receipt of your application form. Failure to attend an interview could jeopardise your place at the College.

If you have international qualifications they must be NARIC processed –

After your interview you will be sent a letter telling you whether you have been offered a place. If you are 19 or over, you will be sent information regarding how to apply for an Advanced Learning Loan. If you wish to accept this offer you must reply by the given date.

You will be sent details regarding your enrolment during late July/early August. You must enrol with the College on the specified date in your enrolment letter. This will take place usually during the last week in August. We cannot guarantee your place will be held if you do not attend on the given day. By the date of your enrolment you will have your exam results. On enrolment, you become a member of Chelmsford College. We can give help and support in completing application forms and understanding the enrolment procedure.

Data Protection Legislation

The college upholds the principles of the relevant Data Protection legislation and is notified to the Information Commissioner to that effect.

In completing this form the College has obtained your consent for the collection, storage and processing of the data so provided, including sensitive personal data.

The use we make of that information, the basis on which we collect it, and how long we retain it is laid out in our Privacy Notice.

The College undertakes to keep secure any personal data held about you, and will make those details available to you on request.

Equal Opportunities

Chelmsford College recognises that there are abilities in all members of the community. We seek to ensure that all at the College feel valued and able to fulfil their potential.

We welcome applications from all who would like to study at Chelmsford College.

If you require help in completing this form please contact us on 01245 293031 or email

If you are having technical issues with this application form please email